What is a TPMC?

Therapy Practice Management Services companies, referred to as TPMCs, are businesses that offer non-clinical business administrative support to private therapy practices. These services are designed to assist healthcare providers in managing the non-medical aspects of their practice, allowing them to focus more on patient care and improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their practices.

Here are some key services that TPMCs typically offer:

HR Administration

Handling tasks related to admin staff management, including admin recruitment, payroll, and employee benefits.

Practice Marketing

Developing and executing marketing strategies to attract and retain patients, improve the practice’s online presence, and enhance its reputation.

Operations Management

Streamlining the day-to-day operations of the practice, ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently.

Claims Filing and Follow-Up

Managing the process of filing insurance claims, following up on claims, and resolving any billing issues.


Assisting with the credentialing process to ensure that healthcare providers are authorized to work with insurance companies and other healthcare organizations.

Compliance and Reliability Management

Ensuring that the practice adheres to regulatory and compliance standards, reducing the risk of legal issues.

Financial Services

Managing the financial aspects of the practice, including budgeting, financial reporting and analysis, processing payroll, bill payment services, and revenue cycle management.

Startup Support

Assisting with the setup and launch of new therapy practices, including obtaining necessary permits and licenses.

Practice Expansion and Relocation

Providing support when practices need to expand or relocate their facilities.

By outsourcing these non-clinical tasks to a TPMC, therapy practices can benefit in several ways:

Improved Patient Care

With administrative staff and tasks managed by TPMC staff, on-site staff can focus more on patient care, enhancing the overall patient experience.

Budget Trimming

Outsourcing administrative tasks can lead to cost savings by avoiding the need to hire additional in-house staff and reducing expenses related to office space and technology.

Strategic Support

TPMCs can provide a strategic approach to administrative tasks, improving the effectiveness of the practice without the need for internal resources. Rely on a group of seasoned professionals for strategic conversations and support.

Practice Growth

By handling marketing and promotional activities, TPMCs can support the practice’s growth efforts, leaving healthcare providers to concentrate on patient care.

Experienced Management

TPMCs offer access to experienced staff who can efficiently handle administrative issues and solve problems.

Streamlined Administration

TPMCs can streamline various office and paperwork-related tasks, enabling the practice to focus on patient care and positive health outcomes

TPMCs Mean Power for Practice Owners

We’ve been in your shoes. Our clients include therapists who were frustrated with the politics of insurance companies and practice administration. We joined together to increase our influence and become more competitive, while still practicing patient care the way we choose.

To be clear, working with a therapy practice management partner does NOT mean you’re:

● Taking on a partner
● Selling your practice
● Becoming an employee of another organization

With a TPMC, you maintain independence and your name remains on your building. You also get more time with patients and the ability to provide better care.